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Featured Events – Looking for an Event or Entertainment of interest to You, look no further. Access our event calendar or log into your own intellectual diary. “

Friends are created through special moments shared together”, so there is no time to waste. Find something that grabs your attention. Share & invite your Friends or Family to enjoy and capture those moments together. What’s Up gives you the user total control of your social life through your own Interactive calendar. Organise your  day, see what your crews are up to, book concert tickets, make dinner reservations, need to travel, let What’s Up worry about making sure everything is ready for your trip or that special night out.

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Your Local Event and Entertainment Diary. Find Events, Promotions, Competitions and Venues.

South Africa provides for a multitude of diverse leisure and entertainment activities across our cities, regions and nation from our expansive heritage dating back over 2 million years to the most current in pop sensations and theatre productions. What’s Up is your solution to finding the hot spots including information on a range of events in your city, travel deals and packages, local and abroad, as well as links to your favorite hobbies, music and people.

Keeping track of it all will be effortless with the online diary. Simply enter your interests and What’s Up will give you the latest information on events, activities, holiday deals and more immediately to your laptop or cellphone. Partnering with South Africa’s biggest ticketing platform means it is possible to buy tickets to chosen events directly online.

The ultimate objective is to ensure vibrant experience, and with its fully interactive social media platforms, you can connect with new friends with matching leisure appetites and share these within your community though Facebook and Twitter and more. Adding to your catalogue of entertainment options is music, gaming, podcasts and ringtone downloads including awesome daily offers just for you – or visit the rewards page and pick up that bargain entertainment item that you have always dreamed of owning.